And why not? It just so happens that we live in Lodz, a city that is in constant motion. Also, it would be a sin not to manufacture our sockshere in Lodz, a city with a history rich in textile production. Of coursewe could have our goods fabricated in China or in Turkey because we all like bargain prices….but we don’t want to. We want to promote the priceless experience that Lodz has in the textile industry because we are proud o fthe accomplishments and opportunities that our cityoffers.


By producing locally, we help to support the economy and reduceunemployment, because someone has to ;-). The street of Lodz havealso inspired many names and patterns that our company will offer.


In addition to the economy, we will also be helping the environment by lowering the amount of transportation for our products. After all, we are about the production of socks, not CO2 emissions ;-) .

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