Neon Socks

Socks are the part of the wardrobe without which most of us will not leave home. In most cases, we wear them every day to ensure protection and comfort for our feet. At least that's how it was until recently, because today socks are not only an insignificant part of the wardrobe, but a marker of style and inventiveness. Don't you know how to use them to make them your ally? Check out Takapara's offer from the Neon line. Our socks will help you stand out and turn the daily ritual of putting on socks into an interesting game.

Colourful Socks from the Neon line

Many people don't pay attention to what socks they wear. We usually focus on making sure they are the right length for the shoes we're going to wear that day. However, the question of colors is not so important and in most cases, we choose neutral shades of white, gray or black. Mainly for this reason we do not pay attention to a quite important part of our wardrobe, which are socks. Takapara offers socks from the Neon line so that anyone who would like to refresh their wardrobe can do so in an interesting way. Well, Neon socks appear, as the name says, in juicy neon colours. Pink, orange, yellow and green are the basic colours used for this line. The socks come in one color and have two white stripes or multiple colors on the sock, and there are interesting patterns and even vegetation along the entire length. Thanks to our rich imagination we managed to create colorful socks that will allow you to start your day joyfully. You don't have to wear monotonous shades anymore, in our shop you will find energizing juicy shades that will put you in a good mood from the very morning. You can make fun of putting on socks and surprise yourself more and more every day. Takapara socks will allow you to stand out from the crowd and surprise everyone with a bold choice. You won't go unnoticed in them, so if you like to shock and draw attention to yourself, choose Takapara socks from the Neon line.

Neon - colorful socks for everyone

Neon socks are a good idea for anyone who wants to refresh their wardrobe. They come in two lengths standard and end right at the ankle. So you can wear them no matter what kind of footwear you wear. The Neon line is available in sizes S, M, L and XL, and they in turn correspond to typical shoe sizes, i.e. S 31-35, M 36-40, L 41-45, XL 46-50. The size of the socks is standard, so there should be no problem with matching the size to your foot. We are well aware that apart from interesting patterns and crazy colours, our customers also need comfort and convenience. Nothing spoils the day like mismatched socks. This is also influenced by the material. Our products are made of high quality yarns, which we choose each time, maintaining high standards. The selection of manufacturers' offers is essential to choose the best materials for production. High quality is found in every sock we produce. Neon socks include sports polyester, polyamide, and elastane.

Neon socks from Takapara - an extravagant product for every pocket

Bearing in mind the requirements of our customers, we create all products with exceptional care. To make every one of them satisfied, we make every effort to make the colorful socks that we produce are in every inch of high quality. We pay attention to all details, so wearing socks from Takapara is comfortable all day long. What we try to achieve is a foot-fitting sock. Those that won't slip or leave prints on the skin and let it breathe. Neon socks will be a perfect gift idea, even for the most demanding. On our website there are original boxes in which you can pack your gift socks. Make your gift an original gift and enjoy the joy of the recipient.