Artistic line

Unique, colourful socks that will surely steal the heart of many artists. The models delight with their unusual combination of patterns and colours. There is nothing obvious here. What matters most is creativity. Socks from the ART collection are inspired by trends in art, classic art trends. They are also socks created in cooperation with contemporary artists and designers. Such unique socks can become not only a decoration but also an inspiration.

Artistic socks in patterns

There are no impossible things in art, colored socks are the best example of this. A usable object has taken on the features of a real work of art. Artistic socks charm with their unconventional combination of colours and patterns. Some claim that each line has been carefully thought out, others insist that it is a work of spontaneous inspiration. Colorful socks do not impose a single, proper interpretation. In the feast of colors everyone can see something different.

Gift socks for artists

Creative community or artistic individualism? TAKAPARA socks neatly combine both tendencies, creating a coherent current, while at the same time giving the creators a field to show off. It is hard to find better socks for a person with an artistic soul. If your beloved husband, best friend or dear brother loves to create and creativity is one of their dominant features, then you have found the perfect gift. You can opt for one pair of pattern socks, but there are also sets available that include three unique models.