A durable and cool wallet made from Tyvek

It's not gossip, but pure truth - there is an extraordinary flat wallet that holds all the most important cards and documents. Our colourful wallets are perfect to carry in your pocket, don't fret and don't cause any discomfort. The models not only look crazy but are also carefully crafted. They are made using Tyvek, which is extremely resistant to abrasion, creases and tears. The durability is enhanced by the use of a protective XTR coating. When purchasing a wallet, you can also opt for a variant with credit card protection (STOP RFID). You will then be sure that you will not fall into the trap of data thieves.

Elegant leather wallet

A leather wallet is an object of sighing for many people. This is due to its good reputation. For years it has been believed that leather is one of the most durable materials, and a wallet made from it can last for many years. In our offer you can find models of different sizes. Those who like to carry everything with them will bet on a large variant, while minimalists will be delighted with a small one. Our leather wallets are flat so they can be worn comfortably in pants or jacket pockets.

The most comfortable flip-flops

Our flip-flops were created in cooperation with Kubota brand. "Kubota" is a cult product that conquers the hearts of people of all ages. After all, everyone cares about comfort and a sense of comfort. Premium flip-flops owe their popularity, among others, to the unique sole, made of durable plastic and leather upper. KUBOTA x TAKAPARA leather flip-flops manufactured in Poland are a perfect idea for a gift, for which you can immediately put together funny socks.