Feel the fullness of summer in barefoot socks

Summer socks with golas

Years ago Zbigniew Wodecki sang about the fact that in Chałupy you can meet more than one naked man. Despite the satirical overtones of the song, it carried true information, for it is in Chałupy that one of Poland's most popular nudist beaches is located. If you're dreaming of this type of recreation, we recommend taking our nudist socks and heading straight for the Polish seaside. What if the weather doesn't cooperate? In that case, goliath socks will help you stay warm and, combined with flip-flops, will create a truly holiday styling. Where exactly are Chałupy located? The village is located on the Hel Peninsula near Kuźnica. Chałupy is home to one of Poland's oldest and longest naturist beaches. The nudist section is about 4 km long and is actually located between Chałupy and Kuźnica. Beachgoers are protected from prying eyes by a greenbelt of mostly pine trees. Thus, it is a charming place where one can feel completely at ease. Although it is the beach in Chalupy that is considered the most famous nudist vacation spot, you will find as many as 13 such places in Poland. Where else can you go?

Carefree naked recreation

Another nudist beach is located in Piaski, a small town on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea near Krynica Morska. This is a relatively unknown location, so it is an ideal choice for those who value privacy. Another suggestion is the beach in Rowy near Ustka. The eastern border of the beach is the Slowinski National Park, which provides beautiful natural circumstances and tranquility. However, if this is your first trip to a naturist beach, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the rules there. Nudist beaches are meant to provide peace and freedom, so in this type of place you should refrain from taking pictures or persistently staring at other beachgoers. If you don't feel too confident yet, you can bring a screen with you. Be sure to apply sunscreen. Burning your intimate areas can be very painful indeed. Due to the fact that naturist beaches are usually located on the sidelines, it is worth equipping yourself with a beachcomber's kit. Water, sunscreen, snacks, a head covering and a towel will come in handy, of course. This will allow you to focus on relaxing in peace.

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