Mysterious socks in a snake skin pattern

Snake patterned socks

Snakes have had a permanent place in culture for centuries, and their meaning has changed many times over the years. There have been times when they were seen as deities, only to become the embodiment of evil a moment later. There are few creatures that by their very existence would arouse so much emotion. In our cultural circle, the snake is most often associated with biblical metaphor. At the same time, more and more often the reptile is perceived not only as a symbol of temptation, but also of grace or mystery. In Egypt, the image of a snake adorned the crowns of the pharaohs. There the reptile served as one of the most important deities. Snakes have played an important role in Indian culture for centuries. This includes a large population of reptiles and their constant presence in the lives of many people. India is sometimes even referred to as the land of snakes. The ouroboros (a snake that eats its own tail) is a symbol of the cycle of life, followed by rebirth. In India, there is often an image of a cobra right next to images of major deities. Nowadays, not much has really changed, and snakes still arouse extreme emotions. In some they cause fear, while others absolutely adore them. Colorful socks with patterns perfectly reflect the nature of snakes. They are ambiguous, and can be subject to numerous interpretations. Print is not a classic reflection of snake skin, but an artistic variation on its theme. As a result, patterned socks can surprise you with a different association every day.

Yellow socks for sluggards

In Poland, one of the most common species of snake is the grass snake. The small reptile has a black coloration and two characteristic yellow spots located near the head. Ancient Slavs believed that the grass snake actually has two forms, but only the chosen ones can know its second face. Black snakes sometimes transformed into wuzalki, or maidens, whose upper body resembled women, while the lower part was a long snake tail. The maidens were the daughters of the snake king and the woman. The father loved both his chosen one and his daughters extremely. As a result, he was eager to shower them with valuables. The wuzalas always wore a lot of jewelry. Shiny chains, luminous jewels and gold earrings became their trademark. The yellow spots on the snake's head are said to symbolize the latter ornamentation. The cranes spent their time in the treetops, looking curiously at people.

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