News for Pride Month. Meet the new rainbow socks

Rainbow socks for Pride Month

There is a reason why it is June that is celebrated as Pride Month. It's related to the riot that broke out on the night of June 28, 1969 at the Stonewall Inn bar in New York City. Located in Manhattan, the bar was friendly to people of all orientations. This did not please the authorities, who conducted numerous raids on the premises. Officially, they checked whether the owners had the required liquor license, while in reality they humiliated the guests staying there with inappropriate questions and hours of questioning. During one such raid, guests brought outside began chanting “we want freedom” and “gay power” slogans, preventing some of the community from being placed in police vans. The next day, several thousand people showed up in front of the bar to protest the government's unfair treatment of LGBT+ people. To commemorate these events, Pride Month is celebrated in June. As every year, you'll find rainbow socks on our shelves in support of the idea. Love is love regardless of whether it unites people of the same or other genders. That is why we have prepared Love is love socks. In addition, you will find socks with a rainbow and Proud socks. All Pride Month socks are a good choice not only for June, but also for any other month of the year.

Rainbow - why is it a symbol of Pride Month?

Without a doubt, one of the most popular symbols of Pride Month and the LGBT+ community is the rainbow. However, have you wondered what it is made of? American Gilbert Baker is considered the creator of the rainbow flag. The artist and former soldier had the right creative skills and was also a declared gay man and drag queen. As such, he was well aware that the symbol must carry extraordinary power to give strength to those fighting for their rights. Ultimately, the artist concluded that the strongest carrier of values was the flag. It was to be a visible symbol, worn with pride. The rainbow motif was inspired, among other things, by the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow performed by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz. The actress herself has supported the LGBT+ community over the years. The rainbow flag symbol was first used in 1978 during the Gay Freedom Day Parade in San Francisco. Each of the eight colors of the rainbow had its own meaning. Pink is sex and sexuality, red is life, orange is health, yellow is sunshine, green is nature, turquoise is magic or art, blue is harmony, and purple is spirituality. Since 1979, the flag has featured six colors, no longer including pink and turquoise.

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