Plant socks for the summer solstice

Socks with plants

During the summer solstice, the sun reaches its highest point in the sky at exactly noon. The day becomes longer than the night, making us more and more eager to enjoy the charms of summer. This special period was already celebrated by our distant ancestors. St. John's Eve, Kupala Night or Sobotka were associated with lavish celebrations. This year we will talk about the tradition associated with the fern flower. This is the perfect time to equip yourself with leaf socks and learn more about Slavic traditions. Among our models you will find green socks and colorful socks with floral patterns. The choice is yours. Our ancestors believed that on Kupala Night the earth was filled with magical creatures. Among the people, the souls of the dead returned, and sometimes mysterious beings, who did not always come with good intentions, also marked their presence. On that special night also some plants acquired special powers. There were those that protected against wraiths, while others were supposed to ensure a prosperous life or great love. A huge role was also played by the fern flower. According to legends, it was supposed to bloom only on Kupala Night, and the person who would manage to find the plant was supposed to gain great wealth.

Magical plants

Kupala Night played a very important role in the beliefs of the Slavs. To prepare well for it, one had to know the secrets of the natural world. Every housewife knew very well which plants to hang at the threshold of the house so as to ensure good fortune, and which flowers should go to the bonfire to chase away the wraiths. In both cases, wormwood mugwort was said to have special powers. The plant, also known as the god tree, was supposed to protect people from ghosts and witches. In addition, mugwort leaves were woven into the garlands of maidens. For what purpose? The Slavs believed that a pure maiden's heart would thus be able to hear the requests of dead ancestors. However, this is not the only plant to which special powers were attributed. It was believed that common plantain could help temper character. The plant was said to soothe outbursts of anger, and make it easier for shy people to make decisions. Mention should also be made of holly herb. This honorable name was carried by St. John's wort, which in everyday life served as a cough medicine, but on Kupala Night it was supposed to protect people from unhappy love. Those looking for their other half also found cornflower useful, whose function was to attract happy love.

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