Socks in cats - celebrate Cat Day with us!

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Socks with cats - a must have for every cat person

On February 17 we celebrate Cat Day. In previous years we have written, among other things, about the way cats communicate and the therapeutic abilities of cats. This year it's time to mention a few exceptional representatives of their species. However, before we get to the feline heroes, it is worth mentioning what is the real must have for the cat holiday. Socks with cats and treats for your beloved quadruped are a set that will make the day even more festive. Cat Day can be celebrated not only with a domestic purr, but also with a pet that has chosen a slightly different lifestyle. In recent weeks, a feline celebrity has become a cat named Gacek, who, according to a Google search, is one of the top-rated attractions in Szczecin. The black and white tomcat is also sometimes called the king of downtown or the king of Kaszubska Street. Apparently, the fluffy gentleman is well known to many Szczecinians. Gacek has his own warm kennel, and employees of nearby stores take care of his food. Attempts have even been made to domesticate the animal, but Gacek prefers his unique lifestyle. Residents of Szczecin admit that the very sight of the tomcat improves the mood, and the man whom Gacus allows to be stroked is later considered a great happiness.

Feline heroes

Stories about pets that saved their owners have been known for centuries. Although it would seem that dogs lead the way in this area, cats also have many merits. Purrs warn people of gas leaks, fires, as well as intruders. In 2014, Craig Jeeves found this out. The Melbourne resident was sleeping soundly when his rest was decided to be interrupted by his cat Sally. The Australian decided to ignore the pet, but it persisted in waking up its guardian with loud meows. When the cat's serenade didn't stop, and Craig couldn't get away from Sally nudging him, the man finally decided to get up. To his astonishment, the cat did not demand an early breakfast at all, but warned of a spreading fire. Craig hurriedly grabbed Sally and ran out of the house with her. The apartment could not be saved, but thanks to Sally, both she and her owner escaped with their lives. Cat heroes live with us every day. They not only save us from danger, but also comfort us on worse days and hug us when humans need it most. Cat Day is a great opportunity to remember what a great friend a cat can be and how much it can make a difference in everyone's life.

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