The glow of a summer night - socks in skylights

Socks with skylights

Socks with skylights are perfect for evening strolls or dancing until dawn. Already the insects themselves, depicted on the socks, are busy with various activities, so there is nothing to prevent you from being inspired by your new companions. You can rock to the rhythm of the hits, lounge quietly or gaze with curiosity at the world around you. In the last case, maybe you will be lucky and see real skylights among the grasses. These unique insects are particularly fond of clearings, parks and forest edges. Your best chance of seeing skylights is in July, but you may also succeed in other summer and even spring months. The life cycle of skylights is typical of some insect species. The larvae can live up to three years, while the lifespan of adults is at most a few weeks. In Poland, in addition to hollyhocks, there are two other species of skylight beetles: sparkles and candlesticks. Luminous insects are associated by many with Midsummer Night. It was once believed that the insects' lights symbolized the souls of the dead who wander the world during the shortest night of the year. Wear skylight socks and learn a little more about these unique creatures.

Where did the glow come from?

Some poets believed that the glow of fireflies is the best backdrop for love confessions. The association has a lot to do with the natural world, since the light of insects is associated with their nocturnal hideouts. It is by means of light that skylights communicate with each other. Each sex here has a specific ability. Males can fly, while females attract them to each other with light. Interestingly, the very type of light emitted depends on the species of insect. For example, it can be a continuous or intermittent stream. It is the specific signal that allows a pair of the same species to find each other. However, it happens that cunning femme fatales mimic the signal of other insects, and the male then becomes their snack. St. John's skylarks have a nocturnal lifestyle. Females, in order not to attract predators with light during the day, bury themselves in the ground. At the end of the females' abdomen is a light-producing organ that is filled with luciferin, the substance responsible for bioluminescence. The luminescence process itself is caused by the oxidation of luciferin, with the enzyme (luciferase) acting as a catalyst. Evenings and nights spent watching the glow of skylights are sure to become a source of beautiful memories. It is known that it gets much colder after sunset. It is hard to find a better way to warm up than wearing socks with skylights. Thus prepared, you can now calmly look forward to the first lights.

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