The indestructible quality of TakaPara in a new, extravagant version. You can happily go out of your homes into the streets, parks, clubs and dance floors.

See the effect of TakaPara x Pieskot collaboration.

The collection, which we present to you, is an emanation of girl power: designed by four mega-artists - each of them, although completely different from the other, has courage, strength and joy. 

Bogucka, Hammer, Królak and Solak - a strong team of girl artists in front of your feet!

We used to meet Pieskot in passing in the halls of the fair and barter our goods. Since its inception, Pieskot has believed in the beauty of the everyday. He abducts art from galleries through the kitchen door and puts it into the ordinary objects we surround ourselves with. You can scribble a few warm words on Pieskot greeting cards and give them to a friend, you can carry water or wine in beautifully illustrated thermal bottles, and now... put a whole gallery of illustrations on your feet. Also take a look at the delectable greeting cards at