Dare to show your socks, dare to show who you really are :-)


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Free delivery

The rules are simple: :

on takapara.com the worldwide delivery is free,,


European production

the rules are simple:

we produce in Poland, in Lodz,


A lot of color

the rules are simple:

the more color, the better,


Be your self, be different

TAKAPARA is a brand of colorful socks rooted in the textile tradition of Łódź. The models bear the names of the streets of Łódź, the logo is inspired by the alphabet of Strzemiński, and the name itself, despite current trends, has retained its Polish character.

TAKAPARA is a neologism with three translations, which perfectly matches the product and the idea of ​​the company.

TAKA = a, PARA = pair, an unspecified pair, because you can wear two different socks.

TAKA = a, PARA = couple, because our socks are good for every couple.

TAKA = one, PARA = steam (driving force), because there is strength and determination :-).

Thus textile tradition is combine with modernity of design , local pride with a global vision of business, classic geometry with modern colors, satisfaction at work with customer satisfaction.

Dare, raise your style beyond limits and wake up the beast that sleeps in you! The proverb says: "the devil is in the details," TAKAPARA says: "the beast is in the socks", be yourself, be different!