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Simply outstanding! You have finally proved that Polish quality is unparalleled. There's no better... I think you'll need a bigger drawer.


Exceptional quality. I never had socks that lasted more than 2 years! I don't buy other socks anymore. Bravo!


When I placed my order, I chose "Less waste". I was a little surprised that I got only socks without any packaging, but that's the whole point. Great idea and very interesting approach to environmental protection at every step. Congratulations to ☺.


The price you sell socks is very high, but after trying them out, I found out that they are worth it. I haven't had such soft and pleasant socks yet. They wash great and the colors are surprisingly durable. It's nice that you have free shipping.


I love your designs! The first time I bought your socks at Kiermash in Krakow, and now I am addicted to buying them online. Your socks are a great gift idea, especially those packed in gift sets.

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One of the bases of TAKAPARA brand's assumptions is to introduce more life and a new look at the element of wardrobe - socks. The classics in this category are rather dark and sad colours, and patterns that absolutely cannot surprise anyone - just boring. At TAKAPARA we decided to break this trend - we started to produce everyday and elegant colorful socks of excellent quality. To make it easier to find the pair that best suits your style, we grouped our products into clear collections:

TAKAPARA CLASSIC - this line was the first to appear in our offer and it is characterized by classic geometric shapes with intense colours. When designing this collection of socks we are inspired by architecture, colourful gardens and what we see on the street - so you can be our inspiration too. Although the name suggests boring and classic socks, you will find that the Classic line is exactly the opposite. In this collection you will find great socks for a suit as well as heavily "driven" neon socks that will keep you from being distracted by passers-by.

TAKAPARA FUN - socks not to match, decorated with interesting illustrations. Looking into the Fun category you will find funny and surprising designs for more courageous customers. Our socks are not perfect for steam, they are decorated with illustrations of animals, food, beautiful, lush plants or cool objects and places. Our collection of socks are not only responsive to the latest trends, but also offers endless possibilities to combine patterns and create unique styles.

TAKAPARA DS (Distinguished Style) - elegant suit socks made of noble yarns. Luxurious DS socks are an offer for very demanding customers who appreciate outstanding quality, but cannot always go crazy with colour. For the production of DS socks we use the highest quality yarn made of merino wool, cashmere or mercerised cotton. In this collection you will find more subdued colours and calmer patterns. Each sock is packed in an elegant box - socks from the DS collection are therefore a great gift idea!

TAKAPARA ART - it's not just colourful socks, it's real art! Colourful socks from the ART collection are a tribute to world-class artists. When designing socks from the ART collection, we draw inspiration not only from the classics of art, but also from trends in architecture, design and painting. ART socks are also designs realized in cooperation with contemporary artists. This category is absolutely unique and appreciates the artistry of virtuosos creating timeless projects.



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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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TAKAPARA are not just socks, TAKAPARA is a lifestyle!

Since the first day of the TAKAPARA brand's creation we have been trying to minimize our impact on the environment. Although we do not produce socks from ecological cotton yet, and our raw material for production comes from India (cotton does not grow in Poland), we do not save on materials and choose the highest quality OEKO TEX yarn produced in Poland. The yarn and our technology make TAKAPARA socks extremely durable and will not fall apart after "three washings", and probably will look almost like new after thirty.

The entire production process of TAKAPARA socks, from the production of yarn, through the production of socks, to the production of packaging, is located within the Łódź agglomeration, which limits CO2 emissions and makes us breathe better. We are constantly wondering what we can do more, therefore, in 2019 we introduced "LESS WASTE" orders. Now when confirming the order you can check the EKO option to receive only socks. If you check this option we will take the socks out of the package and use them again to pack another pair. In your EKO order you will not find any leaflets, fillers or any other smaller or larger, unnecessary garbage.

Our newest project (and probably not the last one), is the introduction of bio plastic envelopes. We have been thinking for a long time how to replace the classic plastic envelopes, so our choice fell on cardboard envelopes without printing but... After a deeper analysis of the recycling process, it turns out that, when considering whole lifetime, cardboard envelopes turn out to be less ecological than the classic plastic envelopes. So we have made a decision to introduce envelopes made of biodegradable polymers of plant origin. Our "corn" foil envelops are certified COMPOSTABLE and comply with the European standard EN 13432. This means that:

  • at least 90% of the packaging is degraded within 6 months of composting,
  • the heavy metal content does not exceed a fixed limit,
  • there was no visible residue of packaging in the compost obtained during testing,
  • the packaging has no negative impact on the composting process itself or the quality of the compost produced.

The only drawback is that the biodegradable envelopes are slightly transparent so don't mind that everyone will know that you are buying super coloured socks.

PS. If you have any additional suggestions, please feel free to write to us!

TAKAPARA are not just socks, TAKAPARA is a lifestyle!




In June 2015, an idea appeared - colourful socks. Hearing this, all my friends had a good laugh and treated it as another of my crazy ideas that will never be realized. "You, a serious director of a multinational company will make socks? Hahahaha." - It was May 2016 (probably Saska Kepa smelled then) and it happened that TAKAPARA started to function officially. Having no idea how socks are designed and manufactured, I started to learn it. Very soon the first colourful models appeared in TAKAPARA's offer. Maybe they were not funny socks, but it was impossible to say that they were boring. At the beginning there were socks with geometric patterns, broken with intensive colours. As TAKAPARA is a company from Łódź, it seemed natural to call individual models the streets of Łódź. It is because of the attachment to my city that you can find Piłsudskiego 4m1, Targowa 11m4 or Piotrkowska 5m2. This may not be an easy thing to do when it comes to export, but TAKAPARA is a company from the city of Łódź, the names must be local too - and that's it.

With time, the TAKAPARA sock catalogue has grown and the offer includes funny socks not to match, sports socks, elegant suit socks, artistic socks, as well as cool accessories and accessories. A lot has changed since 2016 and TAKAPARA is no longer a one-man company at the end of the peloton. Today I can safely say that we are on the podium!

Why are TAKAPARA's colourful socks unique?

Quality is our trademark besides colors and patterns. We produce socks in Poland and they are made from raw materials provided by the best suppliers in the industry. Therefore, by ordering our products, you support the local economy. The socks are made from the best yarn on 200-needle Italian knitting machines, which results in colourful socks of exceptionally good quality.

Our customers and their opinion is important to us - that is why we avoid half-measures and every element of production is subject to detailed inspection by us. We rely on a carefully developed procedure and our employees have the experience and know-how to do their job. The whole process is due to creative thinking and our commitment, but above all original ideas and bold projects. We could of course further describe how our socks are made, but it is best if you check it out yourself!