Sports novelty! Rugby socks

Rugby socks

Along with the warm and sunny weather, we are more and more willing to spend time outdoors. Although lying on a blanket and picnicking undoubtedly has a lot of charm in it, it gets boring with some time. That is why it is worth betting on active recreation. What to opt for? Undoubtedly, there will be supporters of walks in the woods or cycling, but today we specifically encourage you to try something completely new. Rugby socks can become an inspiration to learn more about this unique sport. In addition to rugby socks, what will you need to get started? The basis is comfortable sportswear. The game of rugby is most often played on a rectangular field, on the narrower ends of which there are H-shaped goals. Behind the goals is a scoring area. Points are scored by scoring a touchdown on the opponent's scoring area and by kicking the ball. In the second case, the ball must be in the goal area. Rugby is a contact sport. It is a great activity for people who want to strengthen their fitness.

A brief history of rugby

Ball-related games were popular as far back as ancient times. Among others, cuju was played in China, and harpastum in Greece and Rome. It is the latter game that is often considered the prototype of rugby. The rules were very simple - the players' task was to place the ball behind the end line of the field. The place of development of modern rugby is usually cited as the United Kingdom, since it was there that the rules of the game were first officially written down. In the 19th century, rugby was a popular urban game. In its simplified version, the ball was primarily carried in the hands, much less often kicked. This had to do with the conditions of the game. In the streets and backyards it was much easier to just run with the ball. Unfortunately, social unrest, combined with the considerable freedom of the new activity, quickly took the wrong path, and the games began to turn into street brawls involving up to hundreds of people. As a result, rugby began to be banned by the power of royal edicts, but also by church and city edicts. In time, the game was moved to the field, and in the process many private schools became interested in it, seeing an opportunity for interesting physical activities for students. The rules of the game were officially written down in 1845 in the town of Rugby, from which the new sport takes its name. Today, three types of games are the most popular, namely rugby union, rugby 7 and rugby league. Rugby union features 15 players and is the most popular variant in Poland, among others. In rugby 7, a team consists of 7 people, and in rugby league of 13 players.

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