Camping - go on an adventure in your camper socks

Camper socks

Camper socks are a great inspiration to learn more about the history of traveling by unusual means of transportation. The origins of the tradition of camper trailers are sought in various parts of the world. However, few people know that the custom originated in faraway India, where the Romani people came from. It was the caravans that the Roma traveled in that inspired the creation of campers. As early as the 18th century, distinctive carts appeared that hid all the belongings of generations. However, these constructions could not do without horses. Constant travel was an inseparable part of Roma life, while today's campers are used primarily for recreational purposes. The prototype of the caravan was developed in 1880, when the British Bristol Carriage Company created a unique carriage with the inviting name Wanderer. The design was more than 5 meters long and was created for people who wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and were looking for recreation in nature. Like the Roma carts, this vehicle was also pulled by horses. Within the United States, the popularity of RVs was contributed to by John Porcell, who built a unique vehicle with his own hands, which he used to travel around the western states. In the 1930s, RVs increasingly began to be used not only for travel, but also for permanent housing. At this point, history has come full circle, and although the appearance and functions of the carts have undergone major modifications, their purpose has returned to their origins.

Travel on your own terms

Today, camping sites are quite popular. People appreciate the privacy and freedom that this form of travel guarantees. There is no need to stick strictly to the itinerary of the trip. You can explore the area or relax whenever you want. No one imposes a predetermined program. This is a great solution for individualists who get tired during organized trips. Both in Poland and around the world there are many campgrounds where you can put your vehicle. There are two simplest types of this type of travel. You can either opt for an RV or a house trailer, which is usually pulled in front of a passenger car. All camping enthusiasts are sure to love the accessories associated with this activity. As a gift for an avid traveler, colorful unmatched socks with a camping theme are perfect. Intense colors and interesting designs perfectly capture the charm of independent trips. A stylish thermos or products for lighting a barbecue or campfire are also sure to come in handy during trips. It is certain that any camping trip can turn into an unforgettable adventure that you will remember with fondness even years later.

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