Colorful socks for Easter

Easter egg patterned socks

In many Polish homes, whole families gather around the table to decorate Easter eggs together. Depending on tradition, the eggs may be merely covered with dye or decorated with paintings or paper cutouts. Some even create amazing openwork works. If you are looking for inspiration, you can find it among colorful socks. Some models resemble colorful Easter eggs, and others can become great inspiration. Those with manual skills can opt for references to typical Easter themes. Will you choose socks with hares or socks with a lamb? Both pairs will help you feel the festive atmosphere. However, maybe you are a fan of geometry? In that case, we recommend cheerful socks with patterns. These are models that help awaken creativity. Did you get out a crooked line? No need to worry, it's better to consider it as an artistic intention. If you still do not feel spring energy, it means that it is high time for decisive measures. Neon socks will make everything around you turn amazing colors. Among our novelties you will also find unique Easter socks that will make this special time of the year more pleasant.

History of Easter eggs

The earliest Easter eggs were found in the Temerian area of Mesopotamia. The custom of painting eggs was also popular in other regions of the world. Descriptions of the creation of Easter eggs can be encountered in the works of Ovid and Juvenal, among others. In addition, unique eggs even appeared in the pages of Greek mythology. From one of them hatched Helen of Troy. Not surprisingly, for centuries eggs were attributed extraordinary properties and were considered amulets. To increase their power, elaborate decorations were created on their surface. In China, the popular motifs included cherry blossom, chrysanthemum and birds. In Egypt, on the other hand, scarabs dominated. In our cultural circle, the egg was considered a symbol of fertility and awakening nature. Special significance was attributed to eggs, dyed red, which were even scattered over the fields. At the time of Christianization, the secular dimension took on religious significance. Hope, which is characteristic of the Christian faith, was also added to the previously popular meanings. Today, Easter eggs are an indispensable part of Easter. In some homes there is even a tradition of festive egg sharing. This is reminiscent of the custom of breaking a wafer, during which wishes are made to loved ones. In addition, Easter eggs decorate the Easter basket and are a permanent motif of spring decorations.

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