Checkered socks and learning to think strategically

Checkerboard socks

There are some designs that momentarily stimulate the imagination among them certainly checkered socks should be mentioned. The geometric print evokes various associations, and among them the game of chess comes to the fore. Maybe wearing checkered socks will become an impulse for you to learn more about this unique game. The game of chess is considered to have originated in India. As early as the fifth century, there was a chatarunga, a game that allowed one to feel like a war strategist. Four players had a set of figures, including a vizier, elephants and chariots. Each figure was assigned a different type of movement. Movement on the board was determined by dice throws. The Persians made some modifications to the gameplay. First of all, the number of players was reduced to two. In addition, the dice were abandoned and the appearance of the figures was changed. Other major changes occurred when the game arrived in Europe. Among other things, the dynamics of the game were modified. The movements of the figures were accelerated, thinking that the gameplay would become more interesting this way. The vizier, chariot and elephant were quite distant from European culture, so they were renamed queen, rook and goon, respectively. The queen gained a lot more movement options from its original. The greatest popularity of chess within Europe was in the 16th century. This is the period when the first manuals with the rules of the game were written. Tournaments also began to be organized. In 1886, an official world championship match was held, which was eventually won by Wilhelm Steinitz. On July 20, 1924, the International Chess Federation was established, through which the Chess Olympiads are organized. On the anniversary of the Federation's founding, International Chess Day is celebrated annually.

Advantages of playing chess

Over the past few years, chess has been one of the rather forgotten games. Fortunately, with the return of popularity of board games, interest in chess has also returned. This is great news, because this game develops the human mind in a remarkable way. Scientists have confirmed that it improves concentration skills and develops spatial thinking ability. With the help of chess, critical thinking skills are formed in a person. Players, also in real life, are very good at assessing situations and predicting the effects of various events. It is interesting to note that with the help of the game, people become more confident and satisfied with the world around them. They also develop emotional intelligence, which allows them to properly interpret the feelings of others. The benefits, derived from playing chess, are beneficial to a person of any age. Many scientists agree in that the rules of the game can be taught to children as young as 7 years old. Studies confirm that regular play significantly improves the arithmetic skills of young chess players, and can even increase their IQ levels. A good incentive to start a new hobby is to buy a nice chess set. A pair of gadgets doesn't hurt either. With checkered socks, every game will become even more enjoyable.

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