New! Socks with beavers

Socks with beavers

Socks with beavers provide a great opportunity to get to know these unique animals better. Most of us associate them with protruding teeth, a large tail and the ability to build dams, but what else are the characteristics of these friendly creatures? It is no coincidence that our beaver socks included a beaver builder, which could successfully play the role of an engineer in the animal world. The construction of the feeding grounds itself is already very impressive. Beavers select watercourses with high embankments and then dig burrows there in which they can take refuge. However, this is only the first stage of the animals' work. Over time, the burrows transform into an intricate system of tunnels and cavities. If one were to compare the housing conditions of beavers to typical human determinants, it would be like starting out in a bachelor's apartment and ending up in a luxury villa that you built yourself. The entrances to the beavers' residences are located underwater, but specially constructed vents come to the surface of the earth. The beaver mansions don't end there, as an important part is the feeding grounds. These are impressive protective structures, which can measure up to several meters in height. The animals build them from branches, gravel, silt, grasses and stones, among other things. This is not at all the end of the beavers' building abilities, as the animals are true masters of dam building. Not only are the creatures great specialists, but they also excel at group work. If you are ever lucky enough to observe the construction of a dam, you will notice that individual groups of beavers are responsible for the next steps, for example, processing branches or arranging them. This fact alone makes one feel like wearing beaver socks.

Live like a beaver

What else is worth knowing about beavers? Adult individuals can weigh up to 30 kg. The animals move extremely agilely in the water, and can easily spend about 15 minutes under the surface. They are helped in swimming by a large tail, which acts as a unique rudder. The busiest time of the year for beavers is autumn. It is then that they start gathering the supplies they feed on during the winter. Beavers live in families, and pairs usually remain faithful to each other. What do they feed on? The basis of their diet is branches of deciduous trees, leaves and bark. In addition, the animals diversify their diet with grasses and aquatic plants. These friendly herbivores also do not disdain fruits and vegetables, from which they draw vitamins and minerals. Among the most popular specialties are apples, pears, raspberries, berries, as well as cabbage, potatoes, beets or parsley root.

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