Elegance or extravagance? The secret of white socks

White socks - sporty or elegant?

There are items of clothing that arouse considerable controversy. Among them we can certainly mention white socks. They are a permanent part of sportswear, but are sometimes smuggled into elegant styling. White socks very often complement tracksuits or shorts. Cotton models are perfect for training. They are comfortable to wear, and at the same time perfectly wick away excess moisture. White socks are also an ideal complement to styling in the climate of the 50's and 60's. Especially models additionally decorated with a bow or lace will work here. If you combine this with bright sneakers and a flared dress, you will get an extremely charming set. The most questionable thing is the use of white socks in an elegant way. Certainly, they will not always look good, but they can also become a distinctive style element. White accessories were relied on by Cary Grant, among others. Few would dare to say that the Hollywood actor is committing a fashion faux pas. All because the film amateur knew how to choose the right accessories. White socks never exposed parts of his calves, and were combined with other bright accessories. As a result, the man always looked impeccable, and his style aroused admiration.

How about white socks with flip-flops?

November 30 we associate primarily with St. Andrew's Day, but on the same day we also celebrate another holiday. It is not so popular, but finds enthusiasts in many corners of the world. We are, of course, talking about White Socks Day. In Poland, one of the most common associations with this accessory is the sight of a man with white socks and flip-flops. What was once considered a huge fashion slip-up is now on trend. Wearing socks with open shoes was until recently considered the domain of middle-aged men. But now a similar set is also chosen by young lovers of the latest trends. This is a kind of conscious fashion play. Combining socks with flip-flops is treated with a light touch. The best effect can be achieved by choosing to combine white socks with Kubota flip-flops. This is the true essence of the 90s.An additional advantage is the wide range of colors of the iconic flip-flops. White goes with all colors, so you can successfully afford any shade of footwear.

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