Floral motifs - spring floral socks.

Pink socks and the land of inspiration

[...]Happy flowers! They are allowed to express
All desires and sorrows and trepidations [...].

Adam Asnyk knew very well how many feelings can be contained in flowers. It was the plants that best expressed ardent love, but also uncertainty and longing. However, the potential of flowers was well known not only to poets. The unique beauty of plants has been appreciated since the dawn of time, and floral motifs have permanently entered the world of art. Designers, like poets or painters, are eager to draw inspiration from the natural world. An atmospheric sunset can become the reason for using a warm color palette in the latest collection. The sight of blooming flower buds, on the other hand, can inspire a unique design. Floral motifs can become an excellent medium for expressing personality. Placed on a pastel background, small patterns are associated with delicacy and the world of the idyllic countryside. The outfit, maintained in such a climate, will symbolize the desire to return to places where nature sets the rhythm of the day. On the other hand, large, irregular patterns are often attributed to confident people who like to surround themselves with people and the bustle of the city. Intense colors help you stand out, and many people admit that they also add boldness. If you want to emphasize your mood with your outfit, you will do it, among other things, with the help of accessories, for example, pastel socks will perfectly accentuate moments filled with melancholy.

Towards geometry - patterned socks

The origins of geometry are sought as early as the time of primitive man, who drew symbolic drawings in caves. They were a simplified reflection of reality, and many scientists say they were also a reflection of the anxiety accompanying people of the time. Over time, art became more and more detailed and closer to reality, but at the turn of the 20th century there was another breakthrough, in which artists decided to abandon the prevailing rules. One of the results of this became the creation of Cubism. According to this trend, the rules of perspective were rejected, and compositional elements were geometrically simplified. This gave a completely new view of the world. Today geometric motifs seem to be permanently inscribed in the world of art. Illustrations depicting the world of plants have also been transformed. Socks with geometric patterns will not only enrich your closet, but can also inspire a whole new view of the world.

Secrets of impressionistic accessories

Nature can simultaneously attract with its beauty and arouse anxiety. Claude Monet, a prominent French painter and one of the founders of Impressionism, was well aware of this. The artist's paintings delight, among other things, with their composition of colors, play of light and hard-to-grasp idyll. However, even his famous paintings of nenufars inspire the viewer to think that under the surface of a calm lake hides a mysterious, uncharted world. Floral motifs can be associated not only with beauty and fullness of life, but also with a mystery that may never be solved. If you don't believe in the world of black-and-white binary oppositions, but see many shades of gray in nature, patterned socks are just for you.

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