How do you store your socks?

The way to unruly socks

Elegant socks or sport socks - many of us have been taught over the years that there is one basic way to store all socks. However, it turns out that the so-called ball method has more disadvantages than advantages. The pros include, first of all, that the socks are paired. For this, the primary downside is that folding into a ball can damage the socks. This is especially true of cotton models, which have a high susceptibility to deformation. With this type of arrangement, one of the welts becomes unsightly stretched and over time begins to droop, disrupting the shape of the socks. Nowadays, specialists specifically recommend aligning socks vertically. How to do it? Just put two socks on top of each other and fold twice in half. Thus formed, the whole is ready to be placed vertically. This is a very simple method that has high aesthetic value. Arranged in this way, the socks look great in a drawer, and also save a lot of space. There are two more ways of stacking, which are not as popular as the vertical variant, but are also safe for socks. The first is to roll the socks into rolls. In this case, not much explanation is needed. The pairs then look very attractive, but in order for them to stay in their places, you need a drawer filled with socks that provide support for each other. You can also stack the socks horizontally. This way you will make full use of the available space, but not all pairs will be visible.

Where to store your socks?

On a shelf, in a cabinet, in a special organizer, or perhaps simply on a chair? In fact, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to where you should store your socks. However, if you want to take advantage of the folding rules discussed earlier and thereby keep things in order, it is worthwhile for you to separate a special space for your accessories. Mostly this is a separate drawer. Sock organizers are also becoming increasingly popular. They take a variety of forms. Some are semi-open, while others are closed. They can be stored both in a drawer or on a shelf, as well as outside. Together with such a gadget, you will find it much easier to maintain perfect order. If, on the other hand, you are one of those for whom the very idea of stacking socks sounds rather abstract, there is another way. When there are out-of-pair socks in your collection, you will be able to create one-of-a-kind sets from them, and no one will even realize that you have worn socks from two different pairs.

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