Red socks for book lovers

Stylish polka dot socks

What kind of socks would Anne of Green Gables like? Would she like romantic polka dot socks or maybe bold neon socks? World Book Lovers' Day provides the perfect opportunity to follow in the footsteps of your favorite literary characters. Maybe your beloved characters will become a fashion inspiration for you. Probably Anne Shirley would dream of elegant socks with a bow, in turn, she would choose stylish knee socks for winter. Lucy Maud Montgomery's heroine is known not only in her native Canada, but also in the remotest corners of the world. It all started with an inconspicuous article, which the writer came across by chance. The text was about a couple who wanted to adopt a boy, but suddenly a girl appeared in their home. Despite the mistake, the couple decided to keep the child and create a new family for him. Many researchers say that there are numerous autobiographical threads in the story of Annie. Lucy Maud Montgomery was orphaned by her mother at the age of two. Her father, unwilling to take on the upbringing of the girl, gave her to his in-laws, who created a new home for her. The girl grew up in a small village located on Prince Edward Island. Green Gables, on the other hand, was to be the prototype for the estate where the writer's distant cousin grew up. Like Lucy, she ended up in the care of relatives, who in this case were older siblings.

The phenomenon of Anne of Green Gables

Probably most of us are familiar with the character of Anne of Green Gables. The red-haired girl has become a permanent fixture in the world of pop culture and there is no indication that she will soon leave it. The literary original has seen numerous adaptations in the form of films, TV series and animations. Why do we like Anna so much? Probably each of us could answer this question differently, but some arguments make Anna the perfect heroine for the current times. Although the novel is set in the late 1870s and early 1880s, many issues are still relevant today. Anna stands out from her surroundings. This is influenced by her background, as well as her appearance and character. A freckled girl with red pigtails was not part of the beauty canon of the time. In addition, girls were mainly required to have a pleasant disposition and obedience, which were not innate qualities of Annie. On the one hand, the girl wanted to be like a beautiful and good heroine of a romance, and on the other hand she had a very strong need to be herself. Her explosive character, constant fidgeting and excessive talkativeness caused Annie a lot of problems, but at the same time it was part of her personality. The scene in which Gilbert calls the girl a carrot is significant here. Anna furiously smashes a calligraphy tablet on the boy's head. The teacher rebukes only the girl, while the boy's behavior is considered the norm. Has much changed since those days? Sure now the intruder could be hit with a tablet rather than a slate, but gender stereotypes have remained the same. Aggression is not the solution, but over the years the focus has been on the act itself, not on what led to it. Although the manner was somewhat brutal, Anna acted in self-defense, and it is Gilbert's words that should provoke outrage. This is just one of the many reasons why Annie's fate continues to be followed with bated breath, and the heroine herself remains an inspiration to many children who want to fight for their individuality.

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