Singles Day - crazy socks for a gift

Colorful socks for singles

When was the last time you did something for yourself? Went to see a good movie or have a delicious dinner? In Poland, many people are still accustomed to needing a second half to so-called go out on the town. Singles' Day is a great opportunity to appreciate spending time in your own company. It's also the perfect time to give yourself a small gift. Who better than yourself can know what your dream gift is? A super idea is, for example, colorful socks. A wide selection of various models makes it easy to find a design that will make your heart beat faster. Do you like to party and it is the night you consider the most beautiful time? Then your companions can become party insects. Skylight socks are one of the bestselling models, which impresses with their giddy character. Or maybe you miss vacations and would like to feel the sea climate, at least for a while? In this case, socks with a lighthouse will be perfect. Cooking enthusiasts will also find something for themselves. Grill socks not only whet the appetite, but also look great.

How to celebrate Singles' Day?

With each passing year, Singles' Day is gaining more and more popularity around the world. Certainly one of the merits is the very idea of the holiday, but also the commercial customs associated with it. Currently, Singles' Day is one of the best shopping opportunities. Huge promotions appear especially in the Asian market, but more and more European manufacturers are also deciding to take part in the action. It is estimated that profits from Singles' Day even exceed those from Black Friday. However, bargain shopping is not at all at the genesis of the holiday. There are many stories about the origin of Singles' Day, but one story is by far the most popular. It all supposedly began in 1993, when four friends were studying at Nanjing University. The men were single and didn't feel very good about it. They suffered not only from loneliness, but also from unfavorable comments from families and colleagues who were in relationships and expected the same from others. The men decided that instead of brooding over their fate they would start celebrating their bachelorhood. This is how Singles' Day was created. November 11 was chosen because of, appearing in the date, four singles, which symbolize bachelors and maids. On the occasion of Singles' Day you can not only shop, but also go to a party. There are quite a few parties for singles on this day. In turn, those who want to find romantic love can go on a blind date.

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