The most fashionable socks for autumn 2023

Brick socks - trends for autumn '23

Red socks are one of the most fashionable accessories of the season. How to wear them? Designers leave complete freedom of interpretation. One fiery accent works just as well as a red total look. You can go crazy with different shades of the color, creating one-of-a-kind styling. Among the most fashionable tones, dark brick red and intense fiery red, which even falls into neon shades, are mentioned in particular. What in case red socks are not your way? Nothing lost yet! If you prefer subdued colors, you can bet on autumn classics. Chocolate browns, beiges and golds appear year after year in the list of autumn trends. Brown socks provide a safe base on which you can build an entire outfit. Chocolate models combine well with another trend - checkered. Beige checkered socks refer a bit to the retro style. They can be worn in many different ways. They look great when paired with classic tailored pants, but also with a skirt or simple jeans. What else are we betting on this fall? Among the colors mentioned are saturated shades of blue, green and purple. It seems that the best way to chase away the gloomy aura is to bet on a colorful outfit. In terms of materials, cotton and wool dominate. It is the natural materials that provide the greatest comfort and also work well during the colder seasons.

Fashion faux pas or hit of the season?

This is one of those combinations that has stirred up great emotions for years. Some love them and others hate them, but it's the controversial combinations that are appreciated in the fashion world. Although socks with flip-flops are still primarily associated by many with friendly mustachios, it is now a trend that no influencer would be ashamed of. It's a combo that was fashionable in the spring, and now it's also coming back in the fall trends. It is known that this type of set will work only during a warm golden autumn, but if you are a fan of fashion experiments, flip-flops with socks are just for you. The only question that remains is which models to opt for? Among the shoes absolutely reigns the iconic Kubota flip-flops. According to the latest trends, the best choice is green, red, as well as maroon and blue flip-flops. Certainly, Kubota flip-flops with studs also refer to the autumn climate. Mostly, the very combination of open shoes with socks arouses so much excitement, that mainly neutral-colored socks are relied on. Shades of white, beige and gray lead the way, but nothing prevents you from going a little wild and choosing ruby or sapphire socks. On the other hand, when the first cold weather arrives, just swap your flip-flops for sneakers or oxfords.

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